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Jan 28, 2009

Ajax 2009 Jackets

At the Ajax AGM we discussed club branding and I took on the job of finding a new Ajax jacket. The idea is to get a jacket that would be suitable for club members to wear at an event, for hanging around in. I looked at a few possibilities and by far the best is the Craft Nordic Jacket:
http://www.ultrasport.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&...Ajax Jacket front closed.JPG 

Craft are a well-established supplier of orienteering and outdoor gear. Their UK retailer, Ultrasport, were at the British Night Championships this weekend and I had a chance to examine the jacket. It matches the club colours perfectly and looks good (that's not just my opinion - my travelling companions thought so as well). It has ladies, men's and junior sizes and was quite warm on a freezing night. The cut seemed to be a bit small (probably designed for svelte Nordic types), but if you go one size up from what you normally get you should be OK. The three photos were taken at night so the reflective strip is lit up by the camera's flash.

I had a chat with Ultrasport about getting the club logo on it and they are looking at some options for me. What I think would look best is the logo on the front and ajax.orienteering.ie on the back (not in huge letters). The sky-blue Nordic jacket is a standard Craft product and Ultrasport do not think it will be discontinued anytime soon.

They retail at £39 each. Our price will depend on the size of the order; delivery; exchange rate; negotiation skills and embroidery, but I think a budget price of €55 won't be far wrong.

When we ordered O suits a couple of years ago it took us a long time to agree on a club subsidy. I would like to suggest that this time junior (under 18) jackets are 50% subsidised by the club and all others must pay full price. If there were ten junior jackets this would work out at about €250 of club funds.Ajax Jacket back.JPG

Please use the Ajax eGroup to let me know if you would buy these jackets.  Remember: if there is little interest expressed on the eGroup then it won't happen.

The current status of the Ajax jacket project can be seen here:
if any details are incorrect please email marcus dot geoghegan at gmail dot com

Marcus Geoghegan
January 2009


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