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May 12, 2009

Back to the Future

Marcus has slipped back in time  into the analog world to gather up contours in the 1980s from Cronybyrne.  When he comes back he’s going to turn them into 1’s and 0’s for us to use.  This is his report to date…..
contours.JPGPeter Gargan found the eight colour separations at 1:7500 that were sent to the printer in the '80s. They are Eoin Rothery masterpieces. I have talked to Pat Healy and he says that his 1993 revision just used the '80s map as a template with vegetation updates overlaid, so the brown (contour), black (road, boulder) and even most of the blue separations are still valid.

I have been experimenting with raster (bitmap) to vector-bezier (OCAD) conversion and have had great success on my trial scans with some software called wintopo. The picture shows some of Cronybyrne’s contours after conversion to OCAD vector format.

The colour separations have been professionally scanned by a friend of Brian Hollinshead who did a huge amount of large format high quality scanning for the Trinity map archive project. My next job is to convert the black, brown and blue into OCAD vector-bezier and we should have a good base to start updating green and yellow in field surveys. Of course the non-contour brown, the blue, and the black road/path network will need to be checked at the same time.

I hope to be able to report some progress in the next couple of weeks, although I would beg some patience from Ajax as May is the busiest time for me with my *two* IOA hats on.

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