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Mar 18, 2012

Spring Cup Event 4 - Bull Island - 25 March 2012

Event Location: The next Spring Cup competition, organized by Ajax , will be held on 25 March 2012 on Bull Island , Dublin. The start/finish will be at the South end of the island (Grid Reference: O 220 354).
Event Directions and Parking: The event is signposted from the coast road (Clontarf Road). Use the wooden bridge to reach Bull Island, and not the causeway. Parking is on the the beach. Registration, start and finish are nearby.

Registration: In order to minimise manual data input on competition day please pre-enter for the event by following this link: http://www.formstack.com/forms/ajax-BullIsland .   You pay the entry fee upon arrival to the event.  It will also be possible to enter on-the-day at the event in the usual way, but you are encouraged to pre-enter if possible.

Map: The map has been partially updated, with newly formed dunes and paths added. Maps are printed on water resistant material at a scale of 1:5,000 for longer courses, and scales of 1:4,000 and 1:3,500 for Orange and Yellow courses. Contour interval is 2.5 meters. Power lines are not displayed and the magnetic grid lines run 45 degrees to the edge of the map. For longer courses the map shows the island in two sections laid out side-by-side on an A3 sheet. Shorter courses are printed on an A4 extract. The Brown course uses a modified map with only contour, marsh and path detail shown. Control descriptions for all courses will be available at registration and will also be printed on the map.

Terrain: For anyone unfamiliar with Bull Island , the terrain consists of grass-covered sand dunes with many small paths, isolated trees and man-made features. Marshes are crossable.

Timing: SportIdent (SI) timing will be used. SI cards are available for hire at event registration for €2. All participants must download their SI cards after orienteering, whether they complete the course or not.  Otherwise the event organisers will not know whether participants have finished or not.

Start-times: 11:00 – 13:00.
Courses close: 15:00.

Note that Summer Time begins on Sunday 25 March. Clocks go forward by 1 hour.

Event Officials:
 Planner: Mike Long
 Controller:  Donal Wickham
 Organiser:  Aonghus O’Cleirigh

Course and Map Details:
 Brown (A3), 10.9 k, 70 m, 28 controls, 1:5000, (contours/marsh/paths only)
 Blue (A3), 8.4 k, 50 m, 22 controls, 1:5000
 Green (A3), 6.6 k, 40 m, 17 controls, 1:5000
 Light Green (A3), 4.3 k, 30 m, 15 controls, 1:5000
 Orange (A4), 2.6 k, 15 m, 16 controls, 1:4000
 Yellow (A4), 1.8 k, 10 m, 11 controls, 1:3500

Entry Fees:
 Adult: €8 (IOA club member), €10 (non-member).
 Junior/Full-time Student: €5 (IOA club member), €7 (non-member).
 Family: €20 (IOA club member), €25 (non-member).
Important: Bull Island is an EU designated Special Area of Conservation. Please do not cause damage or litter.

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