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May 12, 2012

Irish Orienteering Championships 2012

Irish Orienteering Championships 2012


Ajax members competed strongly at the Irish Orienteering Championships in Kerry last week-end.  All three days were held on open sand-dune terrain. In the relays Ajax won two of seven classes available, the only club to win more than one class.  The club punched above its numerical weight!


Middle Distance (Day 1) - Castlegregory

Gold: M16 - Cathal O'Cleirigh, M50 - Aonghus O'Cleirigh. 

Silver: M12- Dara O'Cleirigh, M60 - Denis Reidy.

Bronze: M10 - Oisin Wickham.

Classic Distance (Day 2) - Inch

Gold: M12 - Dara O'Cleirigh, M14 - Ruairi Long, W16 - Roisin Long, M16 - Cathal O'Cleirigh. 

Silver: M10 - Oisin Wickham, W45s - Catherine King,  M60 - Denis Reidy.

Relay (Day 3) - Maharees


J36 class - Dara O'Cleirigh, Oisin Wickham, Ruairi Long,

H12 class - Cathal O'Cleirigh, Denis Reidy, Aonghus O'Cleirigh.



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