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Sep 27, 2014

"Come and Try it" Orienteering - Marlay Park 05-Oct-2014

Ajax will organise a "Come and Try It" orienteering event in Marlay Park on Sunday 5th October.  

Start times are from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Courses close at 3:00 pm.

Three course options are available:

Short - 2.0 km (suitable for beginners and is buggy friendly)

Adventure - 4.4 km (suitable for physically fit adults new to orienteering)

Long - 5.5 km

The event is signposted from the College Road entrance (beside the M50).  Parking, start and finish are in the lower car-park.  If you are a beginner let the event organiser know and you will be shown what to do.

Entry fee: Adult - €8, Junior/Student/Unwaged/OAP - €5, Family - €20.

The map scale is 1:5000.  The map is waterproof and control descriptions are printed on the front of the map.

SportIdent timing will be used.  SportIdent cards can be rented for €2.

Please register online to save time or register at the event. Register online here. Online registration closes at 8:00 pm on Saturday 4th October.

For safety, after orienteering always report to the Finish team. You need to do this whether you complete your course or not. Otherwise the event organiser will not know where you are!

Sep 15, 2014

Slievethoul Mountain Bike Orienteering, September 20th

MTBO.jpgThe 3rd event in the 2014 Leinster Mountain Bike Orienteering series is being organised by Ajax in Slievethoul on Saturday September 20th. Slievethoul is the southern part of the old Saggart orienteering map. It's been updated to add the new bike tracks - the vegetation mapping is very out-of-date but the trails are accurate. The terrain is typical plantation forest criss-crossed by a network of forest roads and MTB trails.

The navigation will not be difficult; the control points must be taken in sequence and it's all about choosing the fastest way to get to the next point.

Map Snippet.jpg

Travel Directions: the event will not be signposted, but it's easy to find. Go to Saggart village in South Dublin and follow the signs for Slade Valley Golf Club. The event will be about 250 metres further along the road from the entrance to the golf club. Here's a travel map

Start times any time between  11:00 and 12:00. The courses will close at 13:30.

Entry fees: Adult €10, Student/Junior/over-65 €7. SportIdent electronic timing, SI cards can be hired for €2. There will be 2 courses, Long and Short.

Map scale 1:7,500 (1cm = 75 metres), paper size A4.

There is no need to pre-enter, just turn up in good time to be able to start between 11 and 12.

You must wear a helmet and you must respect other forest users. You do not have right of way. If you see horses you must stop until they have passed. Be aware that bikes will be travelling in both directions on the MTB trails. All tarmac roads are out-of-bounds - stay in the forest.

See you on Saturday.

Jul 23, 2014

Marlay Park, July 29th 2014

After a short pause to catch its breath, the Leinster Orienteering Dublin summer league continues this Tuesday evening, July 29th, in Marlay Park. Starts are from 6PM until 7PM. Courses will close and control collection will start at 8PM. Watch out for stragglers from last week's Longitude music festival.

Marlay ParkPlease register here (it's quicker than registering at the event)

This orienteering event is suitable for all ages and abilities; families with young children are welcome. If you are bringing a large group (e.g. scouts, school) please email ajax@orienteering.ie so that we can print enough maps for you.

The event will be signposted on College road; this is the southern entrance to the park beside the M50, it’s not the entrance near the house and gardens. See the Irish Orienteering fixtures webpage for travel details.

Marlay park is a typical Dublin urban park with a mix of forested areas and open playing fields. There is a lakelands area and a network of woodland trails. Marlay House and gardens are at the northern end of the map. The map scale is 1:5,000, with 5m contour intervals.

Control descriptions  are printed on the front of the map. There will be no loose control descriptions at the event. Maps are printed on hydrophyllic paper in polypockets.

Long Course: 4.5km

Short Course: 2km 

The short course is suitable for buggies and families. The long course is for runners.

We are using Sportident electronic timing. Sportident cards will be available to rent for €2 at the event. Make sure to return to the registration area and download your Sportident card immediately after finishing. If you own an SI card please make sure your Sportident card registration is up-to-date.

May 06, 2014

Irish Orienteering Championships 2014

J48_crop.jpgIOC2014 - what a contrast in terrain and conditions!  The sprint competition was organised in the manicured grounds of Maynooth University.  The Middle Distance and Classic events were held in complex peat terrain at an altitude of 700m in clouds and mist.  Visibility was as low as 20m at times.  The Relay race was organised in mature forest and ‘fast’ open mountain. The combination of conditions made the Classic distance race probably the most challenging Irish Championships race ever held.  

It was a triumph just to complete the course – most competitors did not!


ruairi_crop.jpgAjax prize winners:


Sprint (Day 1) – Maynooth University

First: M10 Emmet O'Cleirigh, M12 Oisin Wickham, W18 Roisin Long, M50 Aonghus O'Cleirigh

Third: M14 Dara O'Cleirigh, W45 Catherine King, M50 Marcus Geoghegan

Middle Distance (Day 2) - Camaderry

First: M10 Emmet O'Cleirigh, W45S Catherine King

Second: M12 Oisin Wickham, M50 Aonghus O'Cleirigh

Third: W45S Cathleen Morrison

Classic Distance (Day 3) - Lough Firrib / Oakwood

First: M12 Oisin Wickham, W18 Roisin Long

Third: M10 Emmet O'Cleirigh, W45S Catherine King

Relay (Day 4) - Glenreemore Valley

First: H12 category - Roisin Long, Aonghus O'Cleirigh, Paul Smyth

Third: J48 category - Oisin Wickham, Dara O'Cleirigh, Ruairi Long




Apr 22, 2014

Oisin hands over to Frazer at the JK Relays, South Wales

jk2014_oisin_crop.jpgOver 110 Irish competitors travelled to the annual JK festival of orienteering in the UK over Easter.  Ajax members competed in all 4 races.

In the photo Oisin hands over to fellow Irish Junior Squad team member Frazer Howe in the Relay competition.

Overall the orienteering terrain was pleasantly challenging and the weather good.  Next year's event will be held in the Lake District, Cumbria.


Mar 18, 2014

Bull Island - 23rd. March 2014

Click here to pre-register...


Event Officials:

Planner: Denis Reidy
Controller: John deLacy
Organiser: Paul Smyth

Event Location: The next Spring Cup event is being run by Ajax and will be held on Sunday, 23rd. March 2014 on Bull Island, County Dublin (Grid Reference: O 234 370).


Please note that Bull Island is an EU designated Special Area of Conservation.  Please do not cause any damage or litter.


Event Directions and Parking: The start and finish are in the vicinity of the Interpretive centre on Bull Island (GR O 233 370), and all competitors should use the causeway to access the event. The turnoff onto the causeway from James Larkin Road will be indicated by orienteering signs and/or flags.

Parking will take place on the roads adjacent to the interpretative centre and on the beach. As Bull Island can be very busy at the weekends competitors are advised to arrive early to avoid delays.

The registration, start, finish, and parking are all in close proximity to one another and there will be no clothing transfer.

Pre-registration: We are accepting online pre-registration for the event. Enter your details on our online registration form and pay your entry fee on the day. Registering in this way speeds up processing entries on the day and we encourage you to do so even if you are not 100% sure you will go. The registration page is available now and will close at midnight on Saturday 22nd.

If you are bringing a large group please let us know in advance.

Entry Fees:

Adult: €8
Junior/Full-time student/ Unwaged/ OAP: €5
Family: €20

Note that these prices do not include SI card hire which is extra.

Start Times: Start times are available from 11:00 until 13:00 and courses will close at 15:00 sharp when controls will be collected. anyone who has not finished by then should make their way to the finish tent and report that they are back.

Terrain: The terrain consists of grass-covered sand dunes with many small paths, isolated trees and man-made features. Marshes are currently wet but crossable.

Map & CoursesThe map (including magnetic lines) is accurate as of 2014. All courses use a map scale of 1:5000 with a contour interval of 2.5 metres, and with magnetic north lines oriented at 45 degrees to the edge of the map.

Maps are printed on water-proof paper and will be un-bagged. Control descriptions are printed on the map and loose descriptions will be available at registration. These will be in IOF format except for the Yellow course which will have English descriptions. All courses will use A3 format maps except Yellow whose maps will be A4 format. None of the courses have map exchanges, instead the terrain is printed in two sections on the maps with both sections on the same side of the page.

Be aware that power lines have been omitted from the map. Some previous events have used a special map for the long senior courses which omitted map-made features. That is not being done for this event which will use standard orienteering maps throughout.

Butterfly loops are not being used on any of the courses and none of the courses are suitable for buggies.

Course Details:

Brown – 11.1 k, 30 controls
Blue – 9.0 k, 29 controls
Green - 6.1 k, 21 controls
Light Green – 3.8 k, 17 controls
Orange - 2.7 k, 12 controls 
Yellow - 1.5 k, 10 controls

The climb on all courses is negligible and has not been calculated.

Timing: SportIdent (SI) timing will be used. SI cards can be hired at registration for €2 per person. All competitors must download their SI cards regardless of whether they completed their course or not. This is so that we know that every competitor has returned safely. Failure to do this may result in being barred from future Ajax events.

Results: Results will be posted at the finish tent during the event and will be published on the Irish Orienteering website (orienteering.ie) as soon as possible after the event.

Data Protection: By entering this event you signify your acceptance of the fact that your details will be stored on a computer system and furthermore that they will be published on the Irish Orienteering website after the event. We cannot accommodate competitors who disagree with this condition.

First Aid: A first aid box will be available at the finish tent.

Refreshments: Modest refreshments will be available after your run in the vicinity of the finish tent.

Contact Details: If you have any questions regarding the event please phone the organiser (Paul Smyth) at Oh Ate Seven Too Six Won 6 Fore O 7.


Finally, our grateful thanks to Dublin City council for their permission to hold this event.

Dec 01, 2013

DCU Sprint 7 Dec 2013 Entries