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Dec 01, 2013

DCU Sprint 7 Dec 2013 Entries









Nov 17, 2013

Glendoo Ridge - 24th November 2013

Event Location: The next Autumn League competition will be held on 24th November 2013 on Glendoo Ridge, County Wicklow. (Grid Reference: O 140 185).

Event Directions and Parking: The event is signposted from the Military Road 1 km north of the sign-post to the Glencree Reconciliation Centre.  Parking is on a forest track.  Please car-share if possible. Registration, start and finish are close to parking.

Registration: Please register for the event online by right-clicking and opening the link: http://tinyurl.com/glendoo. Online registration will close on Saturday evening, 23rd November.  It will also be possible to register on-the-day at the event, but if you register online it will reduce the workload for the event organisers.

Map: Maps are printed on A4 size water resistant paper at a scale of 1:10,000. Contour interval is 5 meters. Control descriptions for all courses will be available at registration. Descriptions are NOT printed on the map.

Terrain: The terrain consists of open mountain with areas of turf cuttings, as well as a section of mature forest. Most courses pass near a quarry with steep rock faces.  The top of the quarry will be marked with yellow warning tape.

Timing: SportIdent (SI) timing will be used. SI cards are available for hire at event registration for €2. Participants must download their SI cards after orienteering, whether they complete the course or not. Otherwise the event organisers will not know if you have finished.

Start-times: 11:00 – 13:00.

Courses close: 14:30

Event Officials:

Planner: Aonghus O’Cleirigh
Controller: Denis Reidy
Organiser: Donal Wickham

Course Details:

Brown – 9.7 k, 250 m, 25 controls
Blue – 7.4 k, 215 m, 21 controls
Green - 5.5 k, 180 m, 17 controls
Light Green – 3.2 k, 140, 15 controls
Orange - 2.0 k, 100 m, 13 controls 
Yellow - 1.5 k, 60 m, 9 controls

The yellow course is not buggy friendly.  It follows line features in a wooded area other than paths.  Controls are sited within 50 m of line features.

Entry Fees:

Adult: €8 
Junior/Full-time student/ Unwaged/ OAP: €5 
Family: €20 

Restrictions: Dogs are not permitted at the event, nor is the lighting of fires, or littering.  These are conditions under which permission is granted to hold the event.

Oct 09, 2013

Tymon Park Sunday October 13th

Tymon Map Clip.jpg
Online registration is closed; please register at the event.
Ajax orienteering club invites you to a non-league orienteering event in Tymon Park, Dublin, on Sunday 13th October. Starts are from 11AM until 1:00PM. Courses will close and control collection will start at 2.30PM.
This orienteering event is suitable for all ages and abilities; families with young children are welcome. If you are bringing a large group (e.g. scouts, school) please email ajax@orienteering.ie so that we can print enough maps for you.
The event will be signposted on Castletymon road, Tallaght, near the entrance to the National Basketall Arena on Castletymon Road. The park is easily accessible from the M50 motorway.
Tymon.jpgTymon park is a typical Dublin urban park with a mix of forested areas and open playing fields. There are three groups of lakes and some hills. The dominant feature is the M50 motorway which bisects the park into two roughly equal halves. This event starts in Tymon Park West on Castletymon Road. The map scale is 1:10,000, with 5m contour intervals.
Please print your crontrol descriptions or use the ones that are printed on the front of the map. There will be no loose control descriptions at the event.
Long course: 6.6km
Medium Course: 3.9km 
Short course: 1.5km, suitable for buggies
The long course crosses the motorway using the footbridges, the other courses stay within Tymon Park West. 
We are using Sportident timing. Cards will be available to rent for €2 at the event. Make sure to return to the registration tent and download your SI card immediately after finishing. If you own an SI card please please make sure your Sportident card registration is up-to-date. 

See you on Sunday.

May 12, 2013

Irish Orienteering Championships 2013

J48.jpgAjax members competed successfully at the Irish Orienteering Championships in Connemara last week-end.  All three days were held in complex open moorland.  In the relays Ajax won two of seven classes available, the only club to win more than one class!  The Ajax junior boys finished joint first in the J48 class, after a sprint finish.  Ajax retained the H12 title in a close race, overcoming Fingal, who came in second place 30 meters behind.  Ajax also captured third place in the H12 class, a display of strength in depth.

  Middle Distance (Day 1) - Cnoc Mham na mBo

Gold: W18 - Roisin Long, M50 - Aonghus O'Cleirigh. 

Silver: M12 - Oisin Wickham, M14- Dara O'Cleirigh, W45s - Catherine King, M60 - Denis Reidy.

Bronze: M14 - Ruairi Long.

Classic Distance (Day 2) - Lough an Cogair

Gold:  M14 - Ruairi Long, W18 - Roisin Long,  M50 - Aonghus O'Cleirigh,  M60 - Denis Reidy. 

Silver: M12 - Oisin Wickham, M14 - Dara O'Cleirigh, W45s - Cathleen Morrison.

Bronze: W45s - Catherine King.

Relay (Day 3) - Leim Oirthair


J48 class - Dara O'Cleirigh, Ruairi Long, Oisin Wickham.

H12 class - Roisin Long, Denis Reidy, Aonghus O'Cleirigh.


H12 class - Marcus Geoghegan, Paul Smyth, Donal Wickham.



Apr 16, 2013

Leinster Schools Champion 2013!

Oisin becomes Leinster Schools Champion 2013!100_0608.JPG


A delighted Oisin displays his trophies...

Apr 06, 2013

Ajax Juniors at JK2013

Ajax juniors at JK.jpgLeft: Cian gives advice to Ruairi before the relay event at the Jan Kjellstorm festival of orienteering near London over the Easter week-end.

The Ajax Junior team were Dara, Oisin and Ruairi, and finished in 13th place.

The terrain was hilly but fast underfoot.  Temperatures were icy at times with flurries of snow!

In total eleven Ajax member travelled to the event.



Mar 17, 2013

Spring Cup Event - Bull Island - 24 March 2013

Event Location: The next Spring Cup competition will be held on 24 March 2013 on Bull Island , Dublin. (Grid Reference: O 234 370).
Event Directions and Parking: The event is signposted from the coast road (James Larkin Road). Use the causeway to reach Bull Island, and not the wooden bridge. Parking is on the the beach. Registration, start and finish are near the roundabout.

Registration: Please pre-register for the event by following the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KxgBjvw59lZINkaUk9WLjviJ... .   

It will also be possible to register on-the-day at the event, but you are encouraged to pre-register before 9:00 PM on Sat 23rd March in order to reduce the workload for the event organisers.  Everyone who pre-registers and competes will be included in a draw for Easter Eggs!  The draw will take place after the last start.Easter egg.jpg

Map: Maps are printed on water resistant material at a scale of 1:5,000 for all courses. The map shows the island in two sections laid out side-by-side on an A3 sheet. Contour interval is 2.5 meters. Power lines are not displayed and the magnetic grid lines run 45 degrees to the edge of the map.  The Brown course uses a modified map with only contour and path detail displayed. Control descriptions for all courses will be available at registration and will also be printed on the map.  The Yellow course has a taped route between two controls.  This is indicated in the text version of the control descriptions, but not on the map.

Terrain: For anyone unfamiliar with Bull Island , the terrain consists of grass-covered sand dunes with many small paths, isolated trees and man-made features. Marshes are currently very wet but are crossable.

Timing: SportIdent (SI) timing will be used. SI cards are available for hire at event registration for €2. All participants must download their SI cards after orienteering, whether they complete the course or not.  Otherwise the event organisers will not know whether participants have finished or not.

Start-times: 11:00 – 13:00.
Courses close: 15:00.

Event Officials:
 Planner: Donal Wickham
 Controller:  Denis Reidy
 Organiser:  Aonghus O’Cleirigh

Course Details:
 Brown - 11.3 k, 29 controls, (contours/paths only)
 Blue - 8.6 k, 27 controls
 Green - 6.6 k, 22 controls
 Light Green - 4.0 k, 16 controls
 Orange - 2.6 k, 12 controls 
 Yellow - 1.6 k, 12 controls

Entry Fees:
 Adult: €8 
 Junior/Full-time Student: €5 
 Family: €20 
Important: Bull Island is an EU designated Special Area of Conservation. Please do not cause damage or litter.