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Mar 27, 2011

Irish Championships

Nothing to see here, the whole club is focussed on organising the 2011 Irish Orienteering Championships on the May bank holiday weekend.

Are you looking for the IOC2011 Satnav PoI file

Nov 17, 2010

Vale of Clara Nature Reserve

Leinster Autumn Series 2010 #4
Sunday November 21st 2010
Vale of Clara Nature Reserve, County Wicklow
Grid Reference T 185 923
Loc8 Code: SNQ-79-CX9

IMG_1092.jpgThe Vale of Clara Nature Reserve is the area formerly known to orienteers as Cronybyrne. The new 2009 map is a part of the larger Cronybyrne/Ballinastraw area initially surveyed in the early 1980s, incorporated into the Claravale map for the 1987 World Military Championships (CISM) and used for the 1993 Leinster championships as well as numerous Leinster League events.

Organised by: Ajax Orienteering Club, ajax.orienteering.ie

Online Check-In: This orienteering event is using an online check-in system - please use it as it will make things much easier for the hard-pressed organisers if they know in advance that you are coming to the event. However you will also be welcome even if you just turn up and enter on the day. The online check-in system will close at 10PM on Saturday November 20th. You can see who has already checked-in here.

Newcomers: This orienteering event is suitable for beginners and experienced orienteers alike. Bring clothing that is suitable for a day out in the woods, e.g. raincoat, boots/old runners and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. It is best to arrive by about 11AM.

Groups: if you plan to bring a group to the event please email ajax@orienteering.ie as soon as possible so that we will have enough pre-printed maps.

Directions: There will be signposts from Laragh, County Wicklow. In Laragh turn south at Lynham's pub onto the Rathdrum road; after about 400m you will reach a junction where a small road goes straight ahead and the main road veers right across a narrow stone bridge. Take the small road straight ahead and drive for about 6.5km to the event. Parking will be in a Coillte forest north of the nature reserve - please follow the marshals' parking directions. For orienteers living near the N11/M11 there is a viable route via exit 15 for Ashford and onwards to Garryduff crossroads. This route will not be signposted.

Map: 1:10,000 with 5m contours, printed on waterproof paper, A4 landscape, updated Summer 2009 by Marcus Geoghegan, minor revisions Autumn 2010.

Terrain: Mature Oak woodland with occasional Scots Pine and Birch.  Visibility is nearly always good but runnability varies - underfoot you will find sedge grass, Fraochán bushes (bilberry) and bracken fern. In some areas runnability is impeded by high bracken - these areas have been mapped with widely spaced green hatching. There are a few small areas of bramble which have been mapped with closely spaced hatching. During the 1990s a long-term project was started to return the Reserve to native woodland so most non-native trees (plantation conifer & hemlock) have been removed. Here are some photos of the terrain. The Irish Farmer's Journal has written a good article about the area's wonderful flora and fauna.

Sportident electronic timing will be used. Please make sure your sportident card is properly registered - it makes things a lot easier for the organisers. If you do not have a Sportident card, they will be available for hire for €2 each and you will be required to leave a deposit.

Registration will be at the car park entrance.

Start Times & Course Closure: starts are between 11AM and 1PM. Courses close at 3PM promptly and the controls will be collected at this time, so please make sure that you have reported to the download tent before 3PM.

Start: Approx 15 minutes walk from the parking/registration. The first 250m of this walk is along the road you travel to the event on. The remainder of the walk is along a quieter road that leads down to Clara bridge. Please accompany juniors.

Finish: Adjacent to the parking and registration area.

Download: when you return to the car park you MUST download your sportident card - the place to do this will be clearly signposted. You must download even if you retire and do not finish the course. Failure to download might lead to an unnecessary search and you will be unwelcome at future Ajax Orienteering events.

Clothing transfer: There will be no clothing transfer system in operation.

Safety & Cancellation: This orienteering event does not visit open mountainside. However it is November and inclement weather should be expected - a rain jacket/cagoule might be mandatory. All competitors must carry a whistle. If you get hopelessly lost walk north (usually uphill) along the forest roads until you reach the tarmac road where the car parking is located. The brown course crosses Cronybyrne Brook - please use the bridges and do not attempt to wade across. If the weather on the day is severe there is always the possibility of the event being cancelled - if you are in doubt please check the Ajax website (ajax.orienteering.ie) before travelling. The quarry in the centre of the map is dangerous and should not be approached from above; however no course is planned in the vicinity of the quarry. Horses occasionally use the Reserve - please watch out for them as a startled horse can be dangerous.

Control Descriptions will be printed on the front of the maps in IOF pictorial format, except for the yellow course which will have text descriptions. CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT. You can download the control descriptions and print them yourself, or you can use the descriptions on the map. There will be no little bits of paper at the event!

Results: Ajax Basic live results.pngweather permitting, live results will be displayed on a computer screen beside registration. Live results will also be available online - bookmark this page on your mobile phone so that you can see the results as they come in. Full results, including splitsbrowser, routegadget and winsplits will be available on www.orienteering.ie on the evening of the event.

Leinster Autumn Series: this event is the fourth of five in the 2010 Leinster Autumn Series - you can see the automatically updated current league standings in the results section of www.orienteering.ie. Best 3 of 5 to count.

Refreshments: tea/coffee/biscuits will be available near the registration.

Course: Length, Climb, #Controls : Suitability
Brown:  7.5km, 325m, 26 : very experienced orienteers only
Blue: 5.8km, 245m, 19 : experienced orienteers only
Green: 4.7km, 170m, 16 : experienced orienteers only
Light Green: 3.6km, 120m, 13 : improvers
Orange: 2.3km, 100m, 12 : "off the paths"
Yellow: 2.2km, 90m, 12 : novices/young juniors/families

Buggies: the yellow course is not suitable for buggies, however there are nice buggy-friendly marked trails in the nature reserve.

Acknowledgements: Ajax thanks the National Parks and Wildlife Service for permission to use the reserve and Coillte for permission to park in Glenwood.

Planner : Marcus Geoghegan, Ajax
Peter Kernan, Ajax
Assistant Controller:
Mike Long, Ajax
Organiser: Denis Reidy, Ajax

Orienteering is an adventure sport, all competitors take part at their own risk.

Oct 13, 2010

Marlay Park non-league orienteering event, October 17th

Ajax are running a non-league orienteering event in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, South Dublin on Sunday October 17th, 2010. Start times are between 11AM and 1PM. Courses close at 3PM. There will be three courses: Long, Medium and Short. The event is suitable for beginners and experienced orienteers alike. Beginners do not need to bring anything other than a pair of runners and a rain jacket. You do not need to pre-enter, just turn up and enter at the event. It is best to arrive at about 11AM.

Motorists should enter the park via College Road which runs parallel to the M50 at the park's southern end.

Many buses go to the northern end of the park - go to the route planner on dublinbus.ie and select "Grange Road, Three Rock Hockey Club, Stop 2980" as your destination, and then walk south through the park to the event start in the southern carpark.

Sportident electronic punching will be used. If you have an SI card please make sure it is properly registered in the database.

Marlay Live Results.pngMaps are pre-printed with control descriptions on the back. If you want loose control descriptions then download them here, they will not be available at the event.

Bookmark http://orienteering.ie/live/view.php?marlay to get live results from about 10:30 onwards.

Planner: Denis Reidy, Ajax

More information about Marlay Park is available on wikipedia.



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Sep 19, 2010

Ajax go to Junior Home International

                                               ..............by Mike Long

I had the pleasure of attending my first JHI over the weekend of 10-12 September, based around Perth and Stirling in Scotland. On paper the Irish team looked strong and so it was proven in practice with a comfortable overall win over Wales to win the Judith Wingham trophy for the first time in many years. Can anybody actually remember when we last won?

The JHI coincided with the World Park Tour. Our first port of call therefore was Scone Castle on the Friday afternoon where we were able to run over the courses earlier used by the elites in the qualification race for Saturday’s final. A sample from the map is shown below. Personallyjhi_01.jpg I found the dark green detail confusing but it did not seem to bother the Juniors. As Greg pointed out to me “you have to run at the same speed as which you can orienteer”.
There was also a maze-O (south end of map) done by the Juniors without a map! The winner was Alex who got to the centre via the exit. Nobody had spelled out the rules! It was a good start and got everyone’s head on the job at hand.

Unusually the relay was held on Saturday (so that all could go to watch the elites in Perth town centre later). Several of the Juniors were familiar with the map of Kinnoull Hill, as it had been used at the 2009 Scottish 6 day. The map (part of if reproduced below) is characterised by steep runnable woodland with many paths. In fact most of the juniors said they had to ignore the paths, which they found confusing and focus on the contours.
jhi_021.jpgOverall we did very well. The boys were 8th, 11th and 12th and the girls were 7th, 11th and 13th. At the end of the day England, on 54 points, had a 4 point lead over Scotland. We were on 24 points, 8 ahead of Wales.

Then it was off to Perth where we had the pleasure of watching Niamh O’ Boyle and Nick Simmonin compete with several of the best elites in the world literally in Perth town centre much to the bemusement of the local shoppers. Both placed in the top 10 behind the very impressive Helena Jansson of Sweden and Østein Kvaal Østerbø of Norway.

Then there was the ceilí. I will let someone else tell the story here!

On to Devilla Forest for the long distance individual races on Sunday. Here the forest was pretty flat with much fewer paths and subtle (to me at least!) contour detail, see below. The only issue here was the “white” area were very rough with waist (except for Colm Moran) high heather and a net work of old drains. Keeping a bearing was very difficult. The M18’s had a very long leg through the middle of the map and several of the lads choose to run the path to the east (some 3 km) which turned out to be as quick.jhi_03.jpg
Again the performances were very good our best runner in each class were Caoimhe (7th), Niamh (7th), Áine (6th), Jonathan (4th), Jack (6th) and Séan (5th): strong across the board.

We ended up on 61 points well ahead of Wales 45. England, on 135 points, also had a very comfortable 16 point margin over Scotland. Full detailed results can be found on www.rstrain.ndtilda.co.uk/results 10/jhi/

My overall view of the results was that although we had no individual medal winner we performed strongly with strength in depth in most of the classes and we were certainly not hovering around the bottom.

My 3 personal running highlights of the weekend me were:

jhi_04.jpg• Cliona Mc Cullough’s first back in the relay despite leaving both her shoes in a marsh in the forest!
• The sight of the four M16’s finishing the relay more or less together
• Jonathan Quinn’s excellent 4th place in the M14 long distance, 13 seconds off a medal (The picture below shows Jonathon with the winning team trophy. Jonathan was also named the best Irish performer).

The entire Irish crew are shown below:

Back row left to right: Cilín, Megan, Colm, Laura, Cliona, Jack, Séan, Mark, Alex, Jill, Conor, Áine, Andrea, Niamh, and Lawrence 
Front row: Cathal, Caoimhe, Róisín, Jonathan, Deirdre, Peter and Donaljhi_05.jpg

The other competition of the weekend was on the various roads between Edinburgh, Perth and Stirling. The drivers Ruth, Kathryn and I were forced into various, often strange, route choices by our intrepid navigators. Lawrence and Colm can fill in the details!

It was the last JHI for Colm, Conor, Laura and Séan. They will be clearly missed but a first for Cathal, Donal, Peter, Róisín and Megan. One would have to conclude all is well in Irish Junior Orienteering. It was also clear to me that none of the above would have happened without the dedication and hard work over the past number of years by Ruth and Greg. Roll on 2011!

Ajax Second in Lug Relay 2010

ajax_lugrelay2010_snap.jpgThe Ajax team of Mike Long, Christian Foley-Fischer and Aonghus O'Cleirigh took second place behind a strong CNOC team.   Following solid legs by Mike and Christian, Aonghus pulled back a place on the run down to the finish at Fenton's pub in the Glen of Imaal.

Peter Kernan

May 03, 2010

Irish O Championships 2010

Irish O Championships 2010


In addition to the quality of the orienteering on offer being very good and the social aspects of the weekend the recent Irish Championships held near Limavaddy in Northern Ireland were a success for AJAX OC.P4242147.JPG


In the individual races there were a number of successes e.g.


Classic M50 was won by Colm Rothery (on a break from training for his assault on the M50 800 m track world record) closely followed by Aonghus O’Cleirigh also of AJAX.

M14 Sprint won by Cathal O'Cleirigh.


There were also a good smattering of second and thirds both in the classic and the sprint events, particularly from the AJAX juniors.


From my point of view the highlight of the weekend was the victories in both the Veterans (AJAX Attackers) and Junior (J36) relay events indicating the club is strong at both ends of the age spectrum.P4242148.JPG


All three Juniors comprising Dara and Cathal O’Cleirigh and Ruairí Long were consistent and error free and finished a comfortable 4 minutes ahead of Cork O. They had recently finished an excellent 5th in the J40 event at JK2010 in Devon (with Róisín Long replacing Dara due to the difference in age class).


The Vets team (Aonghus O’Cleirigh, Denis Reidy and Colm Rothery) victory was equally clear cut. I ran the first leg myself on another team was able to observe that even after one control Aonghus’ experience had put him some 100 m ahead of the field. Dennis followed with a strong run. We were able to observe the finish from a sand dune and with two or more controls to go Colm was able to do an “Eamonn Coughlan” to the crowd.


Mike Long

3 May 2010

Feb 25, 2010

AJAX Spring Cup Event (07-Mar-2010)

Event Location:  The first Spring Cup competition of the season, organized by Ajax , will be held on 07-Mar-2010 on Bull Island , Dublin .  (Grid Reference: O 233 370).

Event Directions and Parking:  The event is signposted from the coast road ( James Larkin Road ).  Use the Causeway to reach Bull Island , and not the wooden bridge.  Parking is on the causeway or on the beach. Both start and finish are near the Interpretive Center .

Map:  The previously mapped area has been further extended.  Maps are pre-marked and printed at a scale of 1:5,000 on water resistant material.  Contour interval is 2.5 meters.  Power lines are not displayed and the magnetic grid lines run 45 degrees to the edge of the map.  For longer courses the map shows the island in two sections laid out side-by-side on an A3 sheet.  Shorter courses are planned on an A4 extract.  The Brown course uses a modified map with only contour, marsh and building detail shown. (No paths, vegetation or man-made features other than buildings are displayed). Control descriptions for all courses will be available at registration and are not printed on the map. 

Terrain: For anyone unfamiliar with Bull Island , the terrain consists of grass-covered sand dunes with many small paths, isolated trees and man-made features. Marshes are currently flooded but are crossable.

Start-times:  11:00   – 13:00.
Courses close:  15:00.

Timing:  SportIdent (SI) timing will be used.  SI cards are available for hire or purchase at event registration.  All participants must download their SI cards after orienteering, whether they complete the course or not.

Event officials:         
Controller:  Andrew McCarthy.
Organiser:  Donal Wickham
Planner:  Aonghus O’Cleirigh

Course and Map Details:
Brown (A3), 9.6 k, 50 m, 30 controls, (contours/marsh/buildings only)
Blue (A3), 8.9 k, 45 m, 30 controls,
Green (A3), 5.7 k, 30 m, 24 controls,
Light Green (A3), 4.0 k, 20 m, 20 controls,
Orange (A4), 2.9 k, 15 m, 18 controls,
Yellow (A4), 1.7 k, 10 m, 14 controls,

Entry Fees:
Adult: 8 Euros.
Junior / Full-time Student: 5 Euros.
Family: 20 Euros.

Crossing Points:  Use the crossing points marked on the map.  For safety reasons please do not cross public roads or race on them.

Important:  Bull Island is an EU designated Special Area of Conservation.  Please do not cause damage or litter.

Aonghus O'Cleirigh